sau cum  ţi-aş arăta prin albume

– ia te uită ce scaune, tronuri desăvârşite!

‘bicycle wheel’ by marcel duchamp, 1913 –

‘singer chair (for short visits)’ by bruno munari, 1946

chair with drawing by artist saul steinberg, circa 1952

‘pilgrim’ by robert rauschenberg, 1960

‘kichka’s breakfast’ by daniel spoerri, 1960

‘shirt with objects on a chair’ by claes oldenburg, 1962

‘wrapped chair ’ by christo,1961

‘fat chair’ by joseph beuys, 1964

‘untitled’ by pieter engels, 1964

richard artschwager, table and chair, 1964

‘one and three chairs’ by joseph kosuth,1965

‘untitled’ by lucas samaras, 1965

ladder and chair, by alighiero boetti, 1966

chair by allen jones, 1969

chairs and table by donald judd, a series started in 1973

‘MAgriTTA chair’ by by sebastian matta, 1970

neon table and chair by joe rees, 1975

‘brushstroke chair’ by roy lichtenstein, 1986

‘untitled’ by daniel spoerri, 1988.

‘shit in your hat – head on a chair ’ by bruce nauman, 1990

splatter chair by richard artschwager, 1992

‘chair table and flower pot’ by roy lichtenstein, 1992

louise bourgeois

‘seat for the rich on the lap of the poor’
by stepven cohen, 1993

‘table and chair’ by rachel whiteread, 1994

‘chair pool’ by dennis oppenheim, 1996

‘chair transformation number 20B’ by lucas samaras, 1996

‘the love difference table’ by michelangelo pistoletto, 1998

‘untitled’ by tom friedman, 1999

formulation (stance) by tony cragg, 2000

kinetic furniture by theo kaccoufa, 2000

‘soft office with office chair’ by loris cecchini, 2001

‘gap’ by loris cecchini, 2001

‘haini’ by franz west, 2003.

installation by doris salcedo

folding chair by iván navarro, 2005

‘untitled’ by kutlug ataman, 2004

‘neon tube chair’ by paul tames van den berg, 2005

pencil installation by kerstin schulz, 2005

massage chair installation by yang zhenzhong, 2005

‘the black hole’ by michel de broin, 2006.

‘his chair’ by chiharu shiota, 2006.

‘relativistic loop corrections to the chair function’ by loris cecchini, 2007


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